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24 VDC 25 Watt ledbulb dimmable-ODF-G50-12-2,4

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Product no.: 24-Volt-led-lamp-24vdc-boot-led-boatled-24v-ledlamp

24 VDC led lamp. This led lamp used for bathroom, garden, boats, solar systems for more benefit. This lamp is shock and fibration proof.

Model: ODF-G50-12SMD-24 (Own Design)

Voltage: 24 VDC
Diameter: 49,51 mm
Height: 102.24 mm (Incl. base)
Dimmable: Yes or No
Watt: 2,4 Watt (replacement 25 Watt)
Base: E14 or E27
Light color: Warm White
Glass color: Clear glass of White glass

*If you use this 24 VDC led lamp on a 110-230VAC system, you need to use a power supply.

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