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The singing floating eggtimer - 60's BeepEgg

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How does beepegg work?
Simply store BeepEgg together with the real eggs and also boil them together. Beepegg constantly measures the outer temperature, while storing as well as while boiling. With this data it calculates the core temerature of the egg. Once the egg has reached the desired stage, it will play a melody.

Does beepegg work everywhere?
Yes, due to its thermo model, it works at all altitudes and under all conditions. You can use it during diving excursions as well as on the Himalaya if you want to. Boil one egg or twenty at a time, start with cold or boiling water. It doesn't matter.

How to meet my personal taste on point?
Every edition plays three melodies, each being a signal for one level of hardness. These three different tunes will each be repeated serveral times to meet the egg sizes as well as to provide personal fine tuning possibilities.

Mr. Tambourine Man - soft boiled
Son of A Preacher Man - medium cooked
Ring of Fire - cooked hard

The singing floating eggtimer - 60's BeepEgg
The singing floating eggtimer - 60's BeepEgg
The singing floating eggtimer - 60's BeepEgg
The singing floating eggtimer - 60's BeepEgg

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