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R7S 118-55-in LED Flashlight

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Product no.: R7S 118-55-Staaflamp in led

R7S Halogen Flashlight in LED replacement lamp. Suitable for construction of lamps; floodlights, shop lighting, floor lamps.

Replace the R7S halogen flashlight.
Replacement old halogen flashlight

Technical specifications

Voltage: 230 volts (VAC)

Fitting: R7S

Wattage: 10 Watt

LED: 5730 SMD

Led number: 48 pcs

Lumen: 1000 lm

Dimensions: ø55 L118mm *

Packing: Carton

Dimmable: Yes | No

Light color:

Very warm light color
Warm white (2700 K)
White (3000 K)
White (4000 K)
Day light (5800 K)
White (6000 K)

More product information:

R7S 118-55-in LED Flashlight
R7S 118-55-in LED Flashlight

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